Working with implementers around the world, we’re building the world’s mental health workforce.

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Who are they? Sangath is a non-governmental, not-for-profit organization committed to improving health across the lifespan by empowering existing community resources to provide evidence based psychological and social interventions.
How are we working with them? Sangath worked with Harvard to develop the methodology for developing digital learning content based on a competency based blue-print, and conducted trials of this learning approach with front-line workers in India.
What areas do they work? Child Development, Adolescent Mental Health, Adult Mental Health, Aging and Chronic Disease, and Addiction.

University of Toronto

Who are they? Grand Challenges Canada funds innovators in low- and middle-income countries and Canada. The bold ideas Grand Challenges Canada supports integrate science and technology, social and business innovation.
How are we working with them? Grand Challenges Canada EMPOWER aims to ensure quality mental healthcare through digital, measurement-based, peer supervision in India. GCC EMPOWER is working with Sangath in India across two sites (Goa and Madhya Pradesh)

The Well Being Trust

Who are they? Well Being Trust is a US based national foundation dedicated to advancing a vision of a nation where everyone is well in mental, social and spiritual health.
How are we working with them? We are partnering with the Well Being Trust to define the pathway to promote population mental health and well-being, reduce historic and emerging disparities, and prevent mental health problems through scaling up evidence based psychosocial interventions and building the mental health workforce in under-served communities in the US.

Meadows Mental Health Policy Institute

Who are they? The Meadows Mental Health Policy Institute (MMHPI) provides independent, nonpartisan, data-driven, and trusted policy and program guidance that creates systemic changes so all Texans can obtain effective, efficient behavioral health care when and where they need it.
How are we working with them? We are partnering with MMHPI to train community health workers in Texas to deliver brief psychological interventions for depression in primary care settings.

University College London

How are we working with them? Under the leadership of Peter Fonagy, this partnership is designing the blue-print for parenting interventions to promote early child development; the partnership is bidding for grant support to digitize the curricula and evaluate its implementation with partners in India and Pakistan.


Partner Organization Meadows Mental Health Policy Institute
EMPOWER Course Foundational Skills


EMPOWER Course Early Childhood Development

Madhya Pradesh

Partner Organization Sangath
EMPOWER Course Healthy Activity Program (HAP)
Acceptability and feasibility of digital technology for training community health workers to deliver brief psychological treatment for depression in rural India
Muke SS, Shrivastava RD, Mitchell L, Khan A, Murhar V, Tugnawat D, Shidhaye R, Patel V, Naslund JA 10 Jan 2019
Digital training for non-specialist health workers to deliver a brief psychological treatment for depression in primary care in India: findings from a randomized pilot study.
Muke SS, Tugnawat D, Joshi U, Anand A, Khan A, Shrivastava R, Singh A, Restivo JL, Bhan A, Patel V, Naslund JA 01 Jan 2020
Assessing health worker competence to deliver a brief psychological treatment for depression: Development and validation of a scalable measure
Restivo JL, Mitchell L, Joshi U, Anand A, Gugiu PC, Singla DR , Hollon SD, Patel V, Naslund JA, Cooper Z 15 Nov 2020
Digital Training for Non-Specialist Health Workers to Deliver a Brief Psychological Treatment for Depression in India: Protocol for A Three-Arm Randomized Controlled Trial.
Naslund JA, Tugnawat D, Anand A, Cooper Z, Dimidjian S, Fairburn CG, Hollon S, Joshi U, Khan A, Lu C, Mitchell L, Muke S, Nadkarni A, Ramaswamy R, Restivo JL, Shrivastava R, Singh S, Singla DR, Spiegelman D, Bhan A, Patel V 02 Nov 2020